Alexandra Axinte


(born in Bucharest, Romania) is a freelance screenwriter who works for various film companies, such as HBO Central Europe, Mediapro Productions, Abis Studio and Cat Music. She also works in advertising,  as a copywriter.

Alexandra has a Bachelor’s Degree in Audio Visual Communication Studies, and a Master’s Degree in Screenwriting, both at UNATC Film School of Bucharest. In 2012 she  won the National Cinema Contest, Debutante Section, with a long-lenght script for a movie that is currently in pre-production. Another long-meter project of hers, with an independent production company, is about to be released this year. Alexandra’s  experience  includes  also TV reality shows (for which she wrote the concept and the script), music videos (script and production assistance) and brand presentation movies (script and editing supervising). She is specialized in historical screenplays with controversial themes or eras.